Do’s and Don’ts for Healthy Skin – Beauty Hints

Skin-care-tipsWhat exactly is really a balanced complexion?

Effective skin treatment and a healthful lifestyle can easily maintain the skin appear buxom subtle and also much healthier. Sleep disorder, extreme smoking cigarettes, contact with sun and so forth basically a few of the dangerous states that may wear and tear plus inflame the skin. Listed below are just a few of this Do’s and also Don’ts to keep the skin fit.


— Sipping on lots of water to maintain the human body hydrous plus chubby. Liquid assists clean out all waste in the human body plus nurture the skin. Consequently drinking plenty of drinking water frequent rewards your skin as well as your overall wellbeing.

— To restrict your own skin from being cracked and dried, hydrate yourself totally every single day. That it maintains your own skin smooth, soft plus fit.

— Consume nutritious and wholesome meals rich in nutritional vitamins plus mineral like leafy veggies, pears, blueberries and other berries, walnuts etc to maintain your skin fit. A healthful diet also enhances the grade of your own skin.

— Peel off death skin cells once per week in order to gets rid of aged skin tissue which are dead also it will help to renew your own skin. Softly polish the face using organic phenomenon scrub up more than once or perhaps once per week; this may maintain your skin aglow.

— Absence of slumber can result in the skin trouble for example ageing, acne breakout, enhanced skin surface sensitivity and more. Get an effective slumber daily to help keep on the skin seem vibrant plus balanced.

— Bodily activity is regarded as some steps to healthier skin. Workout assists growing the circulation of blood and boosts healthy circulation through the entire human body therefore it maintains the skin healthier plus full of life plus rejuvenate skin cells.


— Shower the face no less than thrice every day with face wash or a mild face cleanser to lessen your own skin problems.

— Cigarette smoking increases old age when you look at the skin and your skin dry and make this may contribute to fine lines, wrinkles.

— Have you ever went to rest or sleep with the cosmetics on? Your skin can be overnight later harmed by making your make up and also trigger skin tone trouble.

— Pressure is just an additional concern that may impact the skin. Pressure may also exacerbate skin disorder as an example skin psoriasis, chronic eczema or acne rosacea. Therefore to decrease the consequence of pressure, take appropriate attention to your skin when you are exhausted or exhausted out there.

So make sure to put in on your suncreen balm on your own face, throat area, torso as well as helping hand just before moving right out of the home.

— Having the sizzling hot steaming baths indeed makes your body feel happy, however it can harm softer skin and also result flushing and redidness of your vulnerable skin. Thus avoid getting very hot water-bath because it is one of the most harmful things which you could do for your own personal skin.



One in five girls beverages less in relation to the suggested daily consumption of water

water-help-skin-careParticularly as toxins are flushed by the liquid from vital organs

Drinking a sufficient quantity of water is essential for general good health because water aids in flow, digestion, absorption as well as excretion.

However, what about drinking huge amounts of water for appropriate skin health? Claims are made that drinking water provides you with a glowing, healthy, younger- looking complexion, although some say it’s no impact on the look of skin whatsoever.

Which is accurate?

The reality is the fact that skin is just as with any other element of the body, and an organ. your skin is composed of cells. The organs will definitely not operate at their finest or correctly.

Dry skin is inclined to wrinkling and has less resilience.

You should replace it, as water is lost in big amounts daily. The unfortunate truth and skin is the fact that all of the other organs will be reached by water before it reaches the skin. Therefore, it is vital that you apply water and keep it there – this could prevent wrinkles, at the same time, although it is not only going to reveal a visible difference in hydration.

So what’s the easiest way to incorporate water to your skin?
Apply a moisturizer that is hydrating within 2 minutes of leaving shower or the tub. The skin is exposed to products which can be applied after the tub or shower, enabling better absorption and remains porous. Use a merchandise before your moisturizer, like Hydrating B5 Gel. Everyone won’t agree that water intake will enhance skin… but it surely can not hurt. A lot of people frequently report that by raising their water consumption, their skin has a glow that is radiant. People who have problems with acne have reported the exact same results. Nothing will occur overnight, but an excellent few weeks of raising water consumption ought to be enough for you yourself to really see your personal skin changes.

Attaining a smoother and hairless body through laser hair removal treatment

laser-hair-removalUnwanted hair at peculiar places in the body not only cause discomfort but also causes immense amounts of embarrassment from our peers. One is not able to fully enjoy and embrace their bodies the way they would like. Shaving, waxing, threading and plucking is always a tedious and a cumbersome process as it has to be administered after every few weeks. With waxing being preferred to other methods of hair removal, it’s always an extremely tedious process that causes unbearable shocking pain to individuals as the hair is practically yanked off the skin. In view of this laser hair removal has quickly gained popularity in many states as an affordable hair removal treatment that is safe and virtually pain free

What exactly is laser hair removal? 
This is a common cosmetic procedure that uses beam of concentrated light technology to kill hair follicles. The individual hair pigmentation absorbs the light that thus causes destruction of the hair hence inhibiting re-growth. In this it is the melanin at the specified area that is targeted, that is the living gene and thus by its destruction hair re-growth is made possible. Plucking of hair and exposure to sun light is prohibited to upto six weeks of the procedure.

How it’s done?

Before the commencement of the laser hair removal procedure, trimming of excessive hair growth is done. After this a specialist sets the laser machine according to individual’s skin color, tone, thickness and location of where the laser treatment is to be administered. After this a cold gel is applied on the specified area to protect the skin from any kind of skin burn from the pulse of light. The procedure takes a few minutes, depending on how large the area of treatment is. After completion of procedure, ice packs and anti- inflammatory cream is applied to the treated area to ease any discomfort that you might be feeling.


Concerns of whether this is the right procedure for you is dealt with during consultation. We ensure that we give you the best advice and give you guidance on how to go about the procedure. However with current technology advancement, laser hair removal treatment is suitable for virtually everyone. That means Asians, Africans, or people with fairer skin tones can comfortably undergo this procedure

Common laser hair procedure done at our center

As expected there are some procedures that are preferred by many individuals who visit our center. These services include;

• Facial hair removal that is safe and gentle with no scars or bruising left on your face

• Underarm hair removal limiting your need of shaving daily with no discoloration caused by the procedure

• Leg and arm removal enabling you to flaunt your legs especially at the beach

• Pubic hair removal, for more hygienic and comfort benefits that thus reduce any odor or infections that may come from having hair.

• Back hair removal especially for men so as to have a smoother skin


The most common benefit that one gets from undergoing laser hair removal is that you can actually get rid of all unwanted hairs,. Women can remove all abnormal hairs completely like moustaches for a more feminine appeal. Men on the other hand can have hair removed from their chest, shoulders and back giving them a hairless outlook that makes them more attractive and popular. Nonetheless hair removal gives unexpected benefits.

• Laser hair removal treatment penetrates deeper than other laser methods. This basically means that you will have more long lasting effects.

• After completion of the said number of laser treatments, the effects of the laser treatment are long term.

• It is a more effective method of hair removal and has no drawbacks like remaining hairs

• Low risk of skin burn, which is the laser treatment beam of light, is designed in such a way that they target the hair follicle and not skin. Nonetheless a protective gel is applied for further protection before the procedure

• Reduction of bad odor in the event of hair removal that accumulate sweat and harbor different types of bacteria

• Prevents ingrown hairs that is common with shaving and use of hair removal cream

• It can be used on whole body

Why chose us?

Save time

Save time laser hair removal treatment has overtime been fine tuned to be a very easy treatment procedure. This means within a short period of time, a matter of minute’s hair is removed from the specified area eliminating the need of tirelessly on week in and out standing in front of a mirror and shaving off unwanted hair.

• Eliminate of harsh products

By using this method you limit the use of harsh chemicals and razor sharp instruments just to remove hair. Mostly used over the counter and supermarket products are not approved or contain dangerous chemicals are added to it to make it effective. On top of this it will save you from the disappointment of having ingrown hairs or cuts and bruises every time you want to have smooth hairless skin.

• Quality products and trained specialist

We ensure that we use quality products. During consultation we do a test run and thus chose products that will not react with your skin causing rashes and redness that makes you prone to sun burns in the future. on top of that we maintain a high standard level of service as we have the beat trained specialist who undergo constant refresher causes to ensure that they we are abreast with emerging challenges and finding new ways of removing hairs.

• Precision

Laser hair treatment is a precise method of removing hair at specified areas. That is it provides a non invasive means of removing hair by using advanced laser removal technological systems, making the procedure as easy as ever easier as ever.

• Competitive pricing

Finally we provide competitive low prices. This comes about with us using improved technology that is efficient and thus pass the less operation cost with us. With this you can be assured of the very best of services at fair prices that will ensure that you come with more.

It is good to note that laser hair treatment procedure has one main disadvantage. For it to be completely successful, various laser treatment procedure appointments have to be made. That is four to six appointments. However this is a small disadvantage compared with the life benefits that one will get from this procedure.

What you should know about Anti Aging and Laser Treatment 

anti-aging-and-laser-treatmentsMany of us desire youthful, firmer and fresh looking skin. However due to a variety of factors, one of which is aging, frown lines and wrinkles become unavoidable. This is because as we age, our bodies produce less and less collagen which is an important protein that gives the skin its elasticity and firmness thus protecting it from adverse environmental factors. In effect, our skin begins to droop, sag and wrinkle. With advancements in the medical field however, there are various anti-aging treatments that stimulate the production of collagen and skin development. This article discusses anti aging and laser treatment.

How do Lasers work?

The use of lasers as anti aging treatment has gained popularity as a non-invasive treatment that vaporizes the top layer of the skin resulting into a smoother, softer skin with improved skin tone, tightness and texture. Notable side effects include redness, scarring, tenderness and swelling on the areas where the damaged skin is removed, especially using ablative laser treatments. This occurs during the first few weeks after treatment. Also, dark skinned people should take extra caution as some forms of laser treatment can result into permanent loss of pigmentation. A variety of anti aging and laser treatments are available depending on the injury pattern, the depth at which they act on the skin and whether they heat or destroy tissue. The most recent anti aging and laser treatment is the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).

How does IPL work?

The use of IPL has gained popularity because it’s a non-invasive as well as a non-ablative resurfacing technique with minimal side effects. IPL involves the use of non-coherent light spread over different wavelengths ranging from 515nm to 1200nm. In addition, by use of filters, IPL systems enhance the energy output by narrowing the spectrum depending on the specific area of the skin being treated. By using this technology, specific chromophores (light absorbing components of the skin) are targeted without using a lot of energy that can adversely affect the skin. As a result, IPL has been effective in treating a broad range of conditions including anti-aging treatments. A major advantage with IPL is its minimal downtime. A patient can have the procedure done over lunch hour and return to work almost immediately. In order to make an informed decision, it would be wise to consult with your doctor on the available anti aging and laser treatments.

Leave your teenage hood behind 

Leave your teenage hood behind


Nowadays people have to deal with a lot of health problems. Therefore, the medicine industry has a great responsibility of designing and releasing different products or services that all the customers have to be thanked of. On true problem that almost everyone confronts with is acne (or acne vulgaris) which is a human skin disease. It characterized by areas of scaly red skin, zits (black and whiteheads), pinheads, nodules, pimples and possibly scarring. Other than these aspects, there is also the psychological one, such as depression, low self-esteem and in extreme cases, suicide. So, to deal with this problem, doctors have came up with the laser treatment for acne!

Pick your remedy

There are different types of laser treatment for acne: blue light-was the first one approved and can treat mild-moderate acne such as pimple and it is not effective for black and whiteheads, cysts and nodules. Infrared light which treats mild-to-moderate acne, including pimple on the back, but does not cure black and whiteheads, cysts or nodules. Other acne and laser treatment and maybe the best one is photopneumatic therapy that combines an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser with a gentle vacuum. It removes dead skin cells from clogged pores and oil. Also cures black and whiteheads and some other types of acne, but has no effect on the nodule or cysts.

What does it do for you?

First of all, results are unpredictable; acne and laser treatment does work for everyone. Then, if you want to see some serious results, than you need some series of treatments. Each treatment lasts about 15 to 20 minutes. Also, results tend to be only temporary, that is why you can use an acne medicine to apply on your skin, too.

Another thing you can do to improve the results is to practice good care of the skin. And do not forget that there is a possibility of side effects from the treatment such as redness or swelling.

So if you’re thinking of getting an acne and laser treatment, consult a board-certified doctor, a dermatologist



IPL-TREATMENTIPL treatment can be described in technical terms as a non-ablative as well as a non-invasive treatment that employs visible light of very high intensity to rid the skin of an array of skin conditions such as wrinkles, unwanted dark hair, freckles, vascular lesions and age marks which results in a highly rejuvenated and improved skin tone. This treatment also results in collagen production which is responsible for refining, tightening, plumping as well as giving your skin a much improved look. In addition the newly manufactured IPL equipment can effectively remove some unwanted hair on your skin.

Consideration for IPL Treatment

In order to be considered for this treatment you must fulfill the following set of conditions:

� Must have light skin and is suffering from sun damage

� Lack of skin firmness

� Has broken capillaries

� The individual wishes to treat the above 3 conditions simultaneously.

How it Works

Even though IPL treatment works in the same principle as the laser technology, it is somewhat different. It employs the use of high intensity polychromatic light in the penetration of the area under the skin surface. Once this light has penetrated, it destroys either blood vessels which result in broken skin capillaries or the melanin which is responsible for age spots. The skin then proceeds to repair the damaged capillaries which results in more firmer and improved skin tone. You should also take into account that it requires a series of such treatment to arrive at the most even skin tone. In fact you might require a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 in order to get the desired results.

The IPL Treatment Procedure

Before embarking on this treatment, the specialist will properly diagnose you and give you an insight about the procedure and the results to expect. You should follow the following guidelines prior to and after the treatment;

� Do not expose your skin to the sun few weeks to the treatment and afterwards.

� An anesthetic and a cold gel are applied to the skin on the onset of the treatment.

� A glass surface head is applied on your skin and it will last you about 20 minutes per session.

The Side Effects

They include the following:

� Minor pain which is reduced using a topical anesthetic or contact cooling

� Loss of hair may occur

� Sensation may occur as a result of mild sunburns but subside after few days.

� Bruising may occur for some patients

� Blistering occurs in some cases



The Best Laser Hair Removal Technique 

This is a process whereby unwanted hair is removed by the means of exposure to laser light pulses which destroy the hair follicle. This procedure had been in place for about two decades now before it became commercially available in the mid 1990s. Laser hair removal guide has widely been accepted by dermatologists and is now being practiced in a number of homes and medical centers. The basic principal in this procedure is the selective photothermolysis whereby a specific light wavelength and duration of pulse are matched so as to achieve maximum effect on the tissue that has been targeted and at the same time avoid affecting the surrounding tissue as much as possible.


Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Hair which grows in unwanted has been a problem for a long time affecting both men and women. Some of the earlier used methods of hair removal are slow, not permanent, sometimes painful, with some methods like electrolysis consuming a lot of time. However, laser hair removal guide has proven to be convenient and offers a number of benefits to people with unwanted hair.

Permanent Hair Removal

Most people would like to deal with a problem affecting their bodies once and for all. Laser hair removal guarantees a permanent removal of unwanted hair leaving a smooth and soft skin after the treatment.

Faster Speed

This kind of treatment is much faster than other hair removal procedures like shaving and waxing. Shaving is done every single day and sometimes waxing can be time consuming when it comes to booking appointments. With laser hair removal, each laser pulse only needs a fraction of a second to treat many hairs at one go. Areas that are usually smaller such as the upper lips are normally treated in seconds. However, large areas such as the legs or the back can be treated for up to one hour.

No Ingrown Hairs

Usually after shaving or waxing there are those ugly and sometimes painful red bumps that appear on the skin. These are normally as a result of hair growing back into the skin. This kind of irritation is not experienced in people who have used the laser technique.

Convenient and Effective

By using laser hair removal, a larger area of hair growth can be treated at a relatively short time. The entire back can be efficiently treated within one hour. This procedure is much effective than other methods such as shaving and the use of tweezers which are required regularly. Laser hair treatment is usually described by the people who have used it a non-discomforting as compared to waxing which is most times painful. Using this procedure also lessens the risk of having skin irritations as compared to hair removal creams and depilatories. In addition these depilatory creams can melt skin cells away leading to severe skin irritation and also they only offer temporary solutions to hair removal.

In conclusion, before undergoing laser hair removal guide it is advisable to limit other processes such as plucking, electrolysis or waxing to at least six weeks before treatment. This is because waxing and plucking temporarily remove the hair roots which are the main target of the laser. It is equally important to keep away from exposure to the sun at least six weeks before and after the laser treatment to avoid any complications.